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World of Foods is specialised in the supply of Chilled and Frozen Food products.

In our chilled range we have a full range of traditional European cheeses, a wide range of processed cheese for snacks, cheese spread, cheese for catering purposes, margarines for bakery, retail and catering, butter for catering, bakery and retail, beef, veal, pork, fish & seafood and so on.

Frozen we can supply veal, beef, beef offals, pork, poultry, vegetables, potato products, fruit & fruit purée, poultry, fish & seafood, game, ready meals and many more. Besides chilled and frozen products we also have available a wide range of dry store goods like for example a beautiful range of traditional Italian products, groceries, etcetera.

Flexibility is one of the benefits of working with World of Foods. Our motto is "if it can be eaten, we can supply it", so feel free to try any request for foods on us. We don‘t think in problems, only in challenges and solutions!