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Who we are...

World of Foods is a team of dedicated specialists, having excellent experience in all necessary fields of management and operation, creating synergy in partnerships and form a bridge between supply and demand in different continents.
We have a passion to:

  • establish long term fruitful partnerships
  • create continuity and profitability for our partners
  • serve our clients with a wide range of Food Specialities
  • serve our supply partners with optimum market shares in our active markets
  • serve our clients with proactive (marketing) support to help them developing their home market, for example by packing under Private Labels and providing Digital Sales Manuals.
In Europe we co-operate with a number of high quality food manufacturers, who in most cases we represent on an exclusive base in our active markets in Asia and The Middle East. Our supply partners are known as flexible in thinking and production, reliable in product specifications, delivery terms and business ethics, quality certified and take pride in the products they produce.